Why Los Angeles/California Is Utterly Retarded When It Comes to the Workplace

Los Angeles/California is perhaps one of the most frustrating places to live when it comes to tech. Here, we have one of the largest growing and existing tech centers in the world. Yet there’s a lot of nonsensical problems mired by resistance in ancient managerial culture that plagues this state and city.

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Getting Older

So here passes yet another uneventful birthday. Perhaps, I could describe it as one of the worst birthdays in memory. That’s because most birthdays for me are as memorable as the plots and characters from the vast majority of stale Hollywood movies. I never really celebrate that often and don’t make a big deal of it neither. However, it’s a day I hate because everyone these days helps remind you that you’re simply getting one day closer to death.

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Boom Beach: More Progression

The last few days I’ve been a bit burnt out on Boom Beach mostly because my Task Force has been doing Operations again. A few were pretty bad and I don’t even recall finishing yesterday’s. My life situation will be changing soon so I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to devote to the game anymore, even though the game is pretty casual for me. At any rate, I just wanted to talk about current progression.

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Why I’m Slowly Beginning to Hate Online (Social) Gaming

I’m a very old school gamer that started on an Atari 2600, went to the local arcade at the mall, had a Commodore 64 and other devices prior to the internet evolution. On top of that, I used to play table top games like Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Paranoia, etc. I was used to packaged software and have no issue paying for something if it’s worth the money. These days online games have been creating new paths that are somewhat beneficial but also have engendered a toxic environment that has been slowly driving me away from gaming.

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Why Online Content (Publishing) is A Shitty Business Model

Earlier, I read an article that talked about how Medium will do a pretty big layoff and close a few offices around the country. Medium describes itself as a publishing platform and allows people to “have their voices heard.” Yet from a superficial viewpoint, I can’t see what their platform does that a simple WordPress blog cannot do. Nonetheless, the company has (had?) roughly 150 people to support this system. I don’t know what roles existed that required 150 people for a content based system (beyond writers and maybe sales people) but it baffles me. That said, even with 50 people gone, the remaining 100 still seems like a huge number to me for the type of business they support. With that in mind, why are content businesses more or less doomed?

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