Boom Beach: More Progression

Today, was the highest level Operations my Task Force managed to complete. I had to solo two different high level ops using my two accounts. Fortunately, I managed to get both down just by the skin of my teeth. We failed the other day mostly due to how a former member did not take the operation serious enough. It was pretty bad and evident that I was forced to kick him out. In truth though, it’s like anything: if you want to get ahead, you can’t afford to have slackers holding you down.

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The Problem With So-Called Microframeworks

As someone who has been doing web projects for quite a while, I can safely say that I’ve seen a large number of solutions pop up over the years, which in the end pretty much do the same. In recent years, I’ve been noticing the rise of microframeworks. While I understand the inherent desire for a lighter code base, what I’ve found as a primary weakness is that there’s a lack of features that most people probably want out of the box.

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Shaw Brothers Blood Brothers Kung Fu Movie Review

This movie pretty much is the power trio of David Chiang, Chen Kuan-Tai and Ti Lung in their prime with Chang Cheh really coming into his own. It’s a historical/period piece focused on the rise and fall of Ma Hsin I, played by Ti Lung. It’s done as a retrospective where Chang Wen Hsiang, David Chiang goes to court on his own to confess his crime of slaying Ma Hsin I.

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Rant: How Most Companies Screw Up Technical Interviews

I often hear statistics such as how there’s this huge gap in terms of the talent pool for technology jobs in the states. The result is that companies have supposedly been forced to offshore to go for talent. Yet I question whether the actual talent pool is shallow or that the interview processes are skewed, which has caused numerous companies to be unable to hire the right talent.

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Shaw Brothers Vengeance Kung Fu Movie Review

As a young child, I often watched the old Black Belt theater on channel 11 out here. At the time, I didn’t know them by name, but I would watch Shaw Brothers martial arts movies on Saturday afternoons and later switch to Kung Fu theater on channel 9 later in the evening. However, the Shaw Brothers movies always felt crisper and better produced. Before that though, I remember seeing a very old movie that I did not know the name at the time in which my parents rented. It was very memorable as a child for a single scene that was embedded into my memory for years. Only the other day, I was able to re-discover the exact movie we rented: Vengeance.

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Python Flask: Message Flashing Session Issue

I have to say it: the Flask documents are pretty bad. The code is chunked up, abbreviated, poorly explained and no comments to really go through every little detail, which often leads to bizarre errors for the inexperienced programmer. Even for an experienced programmer, there’s some things that just are really mysterious or need far more depth. But I want to show something simple.

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